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In honour of the publication of Guy Maddin's MY WINNIPEG and Mother's Day, This Is Not A Reading Series and Coach House Books present 'ATTACK OF THE WINNIPEG HOCKEY MOMS.

Celebrated Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin will introduce and narrate a program of clips of some of his favourite film mothers (Will Bette Davis's mom from NOW VOYAGER, Mrs. Bates in PSYCHO, Angela Lansbury from THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE make an appearance?). The program will be followed by an all-star table-hockey competition on stage, as Guy Maddin takes on a number of literary and hockey celebs. And Revival will be turned into a Winnipeg beer hall, playing an all-Winnipeg soundtrack (Bachman-Turner Overdrive, The Weakerthans, Crash-Test Dummies, The Watchmen and more) and serving delicious perogies. Marc Glassman, Executive Director of This Is Not A Reading Series and Proprietor of Pages Books & Magazines, will host the evening.


– A This Is Not A Reading Series event presented by Pages Books & Magazines, Coach House Books, NOW Magazine, and Take Five On CIUT.

Revival, 783 College Street (College and Shaw)
Tues., May 12: 7:30 (doors 7pm) $5 Cover (Book Rebate)


A herd of horses frozen in a river. A bargain bridge. Seances. Golden Boy pageants. A demolished hockey arena. St. Mary’s Academy for Girls. Spanky the Guide Dog through Time. An epidemic of sleepwalking. This is the Winnipeg of Guy Maddin, the world’s foremost cinéaste planant, and it is not the Winnipeg of tourist brochures. When the iconoclastic auteur of The Saddest Music in the World decided to tackle the subject of his hometown, it could only have become a ‘docu-fantasia,’ a melange of personal history, civic tragedy and mystical hypothesizing. He relates historical information, from the factual to the dubious, and returns to his childhood home with actors hired to replicate his family (including late B-movie icon Ann Savage as his mother) and revisits traumatic scenes from his youth.

Wildly delirious, deeply personal and deliciously entertaining, My Winnipeg was the opening night selection at the Berlin Film Festival’s Forum and has received rave reviews worldwide. At the heart of the film is Maddin’s voiceover, told in his infamous purplish prose. The book offers up this narration – extensively annotated by Maddin with a cornucopia of illuminating arcana. Venture deeper into the mind of Maddin with marginal digressions, stills, outtakes, childhood photos, animations, diary entries, collages, archival images and nascent treatments. There is a hand-drawn map of Maddin’s personal landmarks. There are interviews between Ann Savage and Maddin’s mother, and between Maddin and Michael Ondaatje. There’s even an x-ray of Spanky.

"If you love movies in the very sinews of your imagination, you should experience the work of Guy Maddin … He rewrites history; when that fails, he creates it." – Roger Ebert

GUY MADDIN is the filmmaker behind Tales from the Gimli Hospital, Archangel, Careful, Twilight of the Ice Nymphs, The Saddest Music in the World, Dracula: Pages from a Virgin’s Diary and Brand upon the Brain! Maddin is also a writer and teacher, and occupies the position of Distinguished Filmmaker in Residence at the University of Manitoba. His docu-fantasia My Winnipeg won the inaugural $10,000 Rogers Best Canadian Film Award, presented by the Toronto Film Critics Association.

Guy Maddin: Evan Munday,, (416) 979-2217
This Is Not A Reading Series: Chris Reed,, (416) 598-1447 ext 221

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