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JOHN SEWELL - Shape Of The Suburbs: Understanding Toronto's Sprawl


What are the social, economic and geographic factors that led to the creation and growth of Toronto’s suburbs? How did suburban development become such a pressing concern for Toronto-area governments? At the launch of The Shape Of The Suburbs: Understanding Toronto’s Spawl (University Of Toronto Press), activist and former Toronto mayor John Sewell will moderate a panel discussion about these timely issues. The panel will include Mayor Rob Burton of Oakville, Deputy Mayor Jack Heath of Markham, Mayor Steve Parish of Ajax, and Kim Story, architect and urban designer.  


Marc Glassman, Executive Director of This Is Not A Reading Series and Proprietor of Pages Books & Magazines will host the evening.


– A This Is Not A Reading Series event presented by Pages Books & Magazines, University Of Toronto Press, Gladstone Hotel, NOW Magazine, and Take Five On CIUT.

Gladstone Hotel Ballroom, 1214 Queen St West, Toronto.
Tues Apr 21; 7:30pm (Doors 7pm)  $5 (Free with Book Purchase)

THE SHAPE OF THE SUBURBS: UNDERSTANDING TORONTO’S SPRAWL: It is now impossible to understand major North American cities without considering the seemingly never-ending and ever-growing sprawl of their surrounding suburbs. In The Shape of the Suburbs, activist, urban affairs columnist, and former Toronto mayor John Sewell examines the relationship between the development of suburbs, water and sewage systems, highways, and the decision-making of Toronto-area governments to show how the suburbs spread, and how they have in turn shaped the city.

Using his wealth of knowledge about the city of Toronto and new information gathered from municipal archives, Sewell describes the major movements and forces that allowed for rapid development of the suburbs, while considering the options that were available to planners at the time. Discussing proposals to curb suburban sprawl from the 1960s to the recently adopted plan for the Greater Toronto area, Sewell combines insightful and accessible commentary with rigorous research on the debate between urban and suburban. Concerned not only with sprawl, The Shape of the Suburbs also demonstrates the ways in which suburban political, economic, and cultural influences have impacted the older, central city, culminating in the forced Megacity amalgamation of 1998.

Rich in detail and full of useful visual illustrations, The Shape of the Suburbs is a lively look at the construction of the suburban era.

JOHN SEWELL is a former city councillor and mayor of Toronto, has been a columnist for The Globe and Mail, NOW Magazine, and Eye Weekly, and was the founder of Citizens for Local Democracy.

ROB BURTON became Oakville’s Mayor in 1996 after a career in journalism, film and TV in which he served in the Parliament Press Gallery and founded YTV.

JACK HEATH is Deputy Mayor of Markham.  During his time on Markham Council, Heath was instrumental in introducing the Green Bin recycling program through his “Mission Green” Committee.


STEVE PARISH was appointed Mayor of the Town of Ajax in December of 1995.He is a past member and Chair of the Region of the Durham Planning Committee and past Board member of the Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance.

KIM STOREY is an architect, urban designer, and partner in the firm of Brown and Storey Architects.

John Sewell: Andrea-Jo Wilson,, (416) 978-2239 ext. 248
This is Not A Reading Series: Chris Reed,, (416) 598-1447 ext 221