For Those About to Rock (A Road Map to Being in...
By Dave Bidini
Published by McClelland & Stewart

FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK: A ROAD MAP TO BEING IN A BAND Playing in a rock band is the stuff of dreams. What is the reality? Dave Bidini, rhythm guitarist with the Rheostatics and acclaimed author of Around The World In 57 ½ Gigs and On a Cold Road, knows firsthand. In For Those About To Rock: A Road Map To Being In A Band, Bidini tackles the questions that any kid with a penchant to be on stage has asked. How do you decide what to play? How do you deal with tensions among the musicians? What happens when one person becomes more popular than the others? How do you get to gigs, and what do you wear?

Bidini handles his material with honesty, humour and authority. From the serious considerations to the frivolous issues, Bidini takes young readers through forming a band, practices, performing, and the business of show business. Interspersed with advice and observations are hilarious anecdotes pulled from his own experience and the experiences of musicians he knows.

For Those About To Rock: A Road Map To Being In A Band is a sure-fire winner for all young musicians, even if their instrument of choice is the air guitar and their only venue is their shower stall.

Title: For Those About to Rock (A Road Map to Being in a Band)
Author: Dave Bidini
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart